50+50 Ideas

After my 100 ideas, I landed on a few I really liked!

First is the performance cello, to help visually show the sound. This is a cello with motion and position reactive bow and sound reactive lights! The lights on the bow would turn on and off with the position of the bow. I am thinking about LEDs on the side of the cello that are reactive to tone and loudness, however, I think it may be hard to incorporate lights on the instrument. I am thinking that a pair of shoes with lights would be better, then the user could also interact with the shoes.

My next idea is an interactive painting. This would be a 3D textile painted. This would be to help blind people experience art and to just experience it on a whole new level. The painting would use textiles, motors, and heaters to help feel. Some elements would move, but my favorite interaction would be that the cool colors feel cold and the warm colors are warm.

My next Idea is a money counting piggy bank, the bank would be fitted with a sensor that would read the size or color (not sure if this technology even exists) of the coin that information would be maped to the value and added to the total value, and LED display would give you the total of the money in te piggy bank.

The hands free page turner is a decive that gets cliped to the side of a stand and has a mechanoncal arm opperated by a button in the players shoe. When the button is [ressed the arm turns the page and then flips back to the previous page.

The final Idea is a interacitve kids book. This would be a tactile book with diffrent fabrics and textrues, using LEDs, motors and buttons to interact with the reader and the stories. It would be recharable and provide hours of interactive enterntainment. I would either pick a classic childrens story to animate or write my own.



I thought it was interesting to learn about the way the why scientifically affects the brain and where that gut feeling comes from. I feel like this will help me understand what I am looking for in a job or project and why I don’t resonate with some ideas. I also understand better why it’s hard to express feelings.

After listening and reading to this theory, I feel like my why for my capstone project is moving towards helping people, I have always been passionate about helping in whatever way I can. I feel like my domains speak to that in helping disabled people or helping to enhance the audio experience. Or just to aid in little every day things with wearable technology. I want to help people to explore the beauty of music not just through audio but also through visual. Think that my why could still use further development, but I think the heart of it is to help, whether that’s with help through assistive tools, help to express yourself or help to experience music in a new way.


Domains, Precedents, and Research Questions

I feel like I have a variety of interests throughout my years at CU Boulder, however, there were a few projects that stood out.


  • Textiles – I have always loved fabrics and sewing and I think its a cool medium and very versatile
  • Music – I love music, playing and listening and adding that to projects
  • Design – graphic, clothing or art. I like making things look beautiful and functional
  • Wearable Technology – I think that combining technology into our clothes allows it to become more naturally integrated and can provide an opportunity for some really cool things
  • Books – I love reading, especially fantasy and the worlds it paints. It helps to feed my imagination.
  • Relevance – I prefer working on projects that have meaning and value, either to me or the world
  • Typography – I haven’t done much typographic work lately but I want to bring it back into my projects because I enjoyed it


I think combining technology with textiles is the future. CUTECIRCUIT is doing some really cool work here with electronically visual clothing. Lots made for stage performances, however, there is one really cool piece for deaf people to experience music. Their projects relate to my domains because they use textiles to create new and relevant technologies.

Image result for the sound shirt

Another fashion and technology company that also does lots of stage performances and high fashion is studio XO in London. They like to combine serious mechanical technology with fashion. Like a dress that blows bubbles or a dress with drones.

Here is the flying dress:

The Bubble Dress:

Image result for studio xo bubble dress

Interactive book is a new field that is slowly expanded. One project, called sensory fiction combines wearable technologies and a physical book to help the reader experience the book better.

In the vein of wearable technology, a project called Mi.Mu gloves are a pair of gloves that allow the user to manipulate sound and music with their hands

anatomy of a glove tech

Another cool wearable technology is heated glove, my hands always get cold outside. The company Milwaukee has heated gloves for commercial sale! They use a USB connected rechargeable battery

Here is a music student at the University of Texas who went to great lengths to play a violin piece. I like this project because the end product is so beautiful and unique and I think there is something so special about creating your own instrument. I also like how you see the workmanship that goes into this and that they were able to make a design a reality

Riley performing with the final 3-D printed violin.

Research Questions

  1. How can interactive textiles be brought out of the couture fashion world and made for mass consumption?
  2. How can we use textiles to visually capture the movement of music?
  3. In what ways can barriers between technology and the user be reduced in wearable technology?
  4. How can interactive wearable technology be used to help the blind experience visual art?

Reflecting on the research questions more, I have tried to narrow them down and make them more relatable to me, and easier to research.

  1. How can I use interactive textiles and wearable technology to visually show and interact with cello music? Relate to the audience and represent the music visibly, or enhance the experience of the performer or performance?
  2. Can the movement of textiles be used to capture the beauty of music?
  3. What new ways can wearable technology be made more comfortable and integrated into the article of clothing?
  4. What is the best medium(s) for the blind to experience visual art?