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Design Challenge 1 – Final Product


Here are the final 10 colored images for design challenge one. My inspiration came from the 14 families that are the historical beginning of Galway city, Ireland. I did a more modern take, changing the shape and playing with the colors a little bit. I’m glad we spent so much time and had a chance to iterate and work with colors, I feel like that help me to get the best design possible! I didn’t get to the circle shape later till my last few sketches but I love it. I wasn’t super excited about taking the sketches into illustrator, however, I like the end result and I ended up using pieces of my drawings in the final products. I enjoyed the coloring and enjoyed exploring different color relationships. I landed on an almost triad color scheme and wanted to use the same few colors between all my sketches. Overall, I am really happy with how they turned out! I want to print them out an hang them on my wall!

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Playing with colors

We have now started playing with colors in our 10 sketches. This week we did four color schemes. Analogous, monochromic, complementary and triad.

colors I like the triad the best, but I also face a constraint in choosing a color because each coat of arms has a specific color and I want to stay true to that as much as I can. Therefore, I may end up doing lots of the arms monochromatic.

Then I added some backgrounds, I like the first one the best but I may not use any of them. I also tried a geometric pattern that I made, I’m not sure about it, it may be too much from my project.

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Digitizing Sketches

I have now begun the process of putting my sketches into illustrator. I image traced them into the program and manipulated them.

I ended up going with the round shape for a different more modern take. I made a shape in illustrator so it was a nice circle but I took some of the drawn elements from some and pulled some animals from an image I appropriated.

Finally combining elements I ended up with these cool sleek arms!


I am still working on the name banners but overall I am happy with them!

Here is the all the 10 sketches


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Design Challenge 1 – iteration

For design challenge one we were to create a series of 10 colored images.

For my Design challenge, I started brainstorming with things I liked to draw or would have a set or theme.


Some of my favorite Ideas were animals, Ireland or travels, a story progression or characters and finally a space theme. While I like drawing animals, the idea wasn’t that exciting or creative and I decided that a story or characters could get too detailed. The space theme held some interest, but I realized that there was not much creative room for me in the planets and I wasn’t super excited about spacesuits or spaceships. In the end, I landed on Ireland and travels.

I studied last spring semester in Galway Ireland so I grew to love the country and I also go to travel a lot. This is why I chose Ireland and travels for this design challenge. From there I came up with a few more ideas, Irish landmarks or famous transportation of places I have been too. However, I always came back to one idea. In the town square of Galway City, they have the flags of the fourteen original families or the area hung.

I thought it would be cool to draw all the arms of the families and this is something meaningful to me, I also am excited to put my own spin on the arms. I am still getting there in my sketching, but my own style is starting to emerge, I like the circle shape I have in some of my later sketches. I am also thinking about doing a simpler and more modern take like the top two sketches on the last page. One concern is the coloring, there are a few arms that I did not find a colored picture for, but I may just need to do more research or add my own colors! I am really excited to see where this goes and for how these turn out.