DC2, Image

DC2-Move you like a poem – Ideation

For this design challenge, I have to produce three portrait photos of myself and of another person.


To start I did some self-reflection and mind mapping to really dig into who I am

Next, I went to find pictures that related to what I wanted to try and use in my portrait


For myself, it was hard to pinpoint what exactly I felt represented me. But after thinking and processing through the questions I came up with some ideas. I like the idea of obstructed or not face on because I am shy and don’t love having my picture taken. I love the movement in some of the photos. I also love the black and white, I think it adds a bit of classy and really lets the imagery speak for itself. I think most in my portraits I want to play with light, silhouettes, colors, framing and maybe reflections.

I then repeated a similar process for another person by interview them and talking about how I wanted to represent them.

For my other person, I interviewed them and tried to learn more about who they are. I am good friends with her already so that helped. Personally, I found it easier to brainstorm ideas of how to represent her better than myself. I am looking forward to playing with lighting, and light painting, colors, nature and just working with another person.