DC4, Image

Design challenge 4

For this, I wanted to use pictures that I took for design challenge 3 as my cover art. I played around with a few different techniques, RGB shift, glitching, pixel image, the layering we did. I am not a huge fan of how the glitched images look, I like the layering and blending. I think that these look good and give the impression of a pig without being too much a pig. The glitched images were challenging and I couldn’t figure out how to many of them, but I did the one with audible. For the others, I ended up using the help of an app because it was not working.

Here are my three favorite images for my book cover

I really like the motion in this red one, I also think the pattern adds a nice feature


this one, I love the chaos feelingĀ  and the color

pig cover12

this one feels like a security camera and I think it looks really serious.


here is the final cover 8316_Hunsinger_Ruth_pigs Cover

here are the rest of my images

ag2pig coverGLITCH_20181125143916blanetPIGag

pig cover1