Text Project 3

For this project, we created a mail-out poster for the Colorado symphony orchestra (this was not an actual poster for them, just practice for us). This was really a text challenge because there was lots of text that we had to format onto the page. Here is my final rendition.


Text Project 2

For our next project in my typography class, we had to take the lyrics to a song and create a folding book out of it. IT was a good experience to create a graphic design then print it out and see how it looked. This is the first iteration. I used the second verse of the song BeĀ ConcernedĀ by Twenty One Pilots

Here is the second iteration of this project

DC1, Image, Text

Design Challenge 1 – Final Product


Here are the final 10 colored images for design challenge one. My inspiration came from the 14 families that are the historical beginning of Galway city, Ireland. I did a more modern take, changing the shape and playing with the colors a little bit. I’m glad we spent so much time and had a chance to iterate and work with colors, I feel like that help me to get the best design possible! I didn’t get to the circle shape later till my last few sketches but I love it. I wasn’t super excited about taking the sketches into illustrator, however, I like the end result and I ended up using pieces of my drawings in the final products. I enjoyed the coloring and enjoyed exploring different color relationships. I landed on an almost triad color scheme and wanted to use the same few colors between all my sketches. Overall, I am really happy with how they turned out! I want to print them out an hang them on my wall!