Design Sprint: Class Poster

Design a promotional poster (with relevant details) for an upcoming TAM Course. Dimensions: 24×36

Course: Image, Web, Text, Form, Sound, Object

Typeface to incorporate: Helvetica, Georgia, Futura, Avenir, Baskerville, Didot

Color to incorporate: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple

Mood: Elegant, Technical, Creative, Whimsical, Professional

From these categories I had to design a poster for Text, using Futura incorporating orange and making the design Whimsical.


final, Type

HUG Final Project

The text hug when written holds no warmth and meaning, it is just cold black lines. I brought this word to life in pillow form. These pillows are large, soft, and squishy. The natural shape of the letters lends itself to embracing a human in the counter space.


However, at the same time, the word hug can be reordered to UGH, GUH, or HGU,  which are far from warm and fuzzy.

These pillows provide much warmth and comfort and truly feel like getting a hug!  I used soft flannel and fleece fabric and stuffed it will cotton filling to make very soft pillows. Each pillow is three pieces, two-letter cutouts and one long strip that goes around the letter to give it height. Overall I really like how they look, the only downside is that they do not hold their shape super well. If I ever made them again I would put a soft wire into the G and U to help the legs to hold shape.  I sewed on ribbons so that the letters could be tied together, but they are not very sturdy, I think that I could leave them out or have more to keep them better together. Perhaps Even use a zipper, snaps or velcro.


Exercise 7: Poetry redesign

Using only typographic elements (no images, or shapes that aren’t found in a typeface), redesign a poem from this website. The goal is to drastically reshape the poem through your redesign. Page size is up to you but should resonate with your design.

For this exercise, I took a pome about daffodils and reordered it to give it a different meaning. This was a printed poster 11 inches by 17 inches.

concrete daffodils